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Russian Mining Chemical Company Russian Mining Chemical Company Manufacturer of innovative high-Mg products�for industry, agriculture and environment
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Component for the production of magnesium stearate
Component for the production of magnesium stearate

Magnesium Stearate is the salt of magnesium and stearic acid. Finely divided white powder, slightly soapy feel.�

Dissolved in a warm alcohol, can be mixed in the oils, insoluble in water. Not transparent, has a hiding power, improves the adhesion (sticking to the skin).

Areas of application
  • placer and pressed cosmetics (powder, eye shadow, lipstick, mascara )
  • creams
  • creams, lotions, balms, shampoos cream
  • It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry.
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  • filler, a foundation for makeup
  • binder (bonding agent)
  • used for the preparation of compact powder / tint
  • replacing of starch and talc
  • improves the texture and consistency of mineral cosmetics
  • improves the suspension of pigments
  • prevents caking and clumping in the mineral cosmetics
  • not transparent
  • has opacity
  • partially replaces matte white pigment
  • improves the adhesion (sticking to the skin)
  • non-gel thickener (increases viscosity)
  • lubricant (improves glide)

Solutions for this field

The most demanded products of RMCC in this field are:

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MagAdd� 45
(PDF, 164.08 ��)
MagAdd� 0-300
(PDF, 164.38 ��)

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